• To see God’s Heart
  • To know God’s Priorities
  • To Understand His Purposes


With spiritual authority we must begin at the starting point — God is our starting point.  In order to get our ministry and our participation accurate we must know the priorities and intentions of our God.  To have a wrong understanding of the Lord is to have a wrong starting point.  To effectively and accurately attend to the things of God we must know the exact weight God puts upon these things; we must know the priorities of the King.


Introduction to Module TWO – Walking in Spiritual Authority

41. Lex Rex – heart of stone to a heart of flesh
42. The Kingdom of God – assess your beliefs in light of God’s Kingdom
43. God is for People – become an emotionally safe person
44. Coming on the Inside – receive from someone this week
45. Mutual Submission – live (do not preach) the truths of mutual submission
46. Sulha – receive God’s Sulha for yourself


Covering of Christ – Chapter 42. The Kingdom of God
Wide Road & Narrow Road – Chapter 42. The Kingdom of God

=> Welcome back!  Let’s begin Month Five with a lesson on Lex Rex

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