• To learn core principles as we join the Lord in his work
  • To understand how to live his heart for this world


We read in the Bible that God has chosen people to be his, to know him.  Many have taken this to mean that others are NOT chosen and have lived, and ministered even, in a type of arrogance of self and then disdain for others.  At Capturing Courage we assert that the choosing by God of people for his Kingdom is the express invitation to facilitate, participate in, and become conduits of God upon this earth.

We are chosen not so that we can sit in our privilege but that we might operate as sons and daughters of The King investing everything that God has given us to help make him known to others and to restore both people and His creation to the original image of the Lord’s intention before sin entered the world.  THIS is God’s invitation to us, one we do not want to miss.


47.  The Second Witness – Inviting the Lord to reveal who we are agreeing with
48. The Agreements We Make – Applying ‘agreements’ to a personal conflict
49. Spiritual Authority Resume – Use healing prayer to confess any indiscretions
50. In Service to the King – Integrity with our words
51. Three Keys to Revival – Meditate on Isaiah 58:6-12
52. Lives of Sulha – Extend Sulha to others


Agreements – Chapter 48. Agreements

=> Welcome back! Let’s begin Month Six with The Second Witness

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