• To realize the bigger picture of the gospel
  • To enter into the full invitation of God to us


By and large we have been settling for a domesticated, watered-down, gospel message.  We have been busy building our ministries, our churches, and our influence, believing that if we just treat it like a business or an enterprise and do it well, that God will applaud our efforts.  I’m not so sure about this.  Rather than building anything of yours or mine we must apply our efforts and thinking to the Kingdom of God and his call upon our lives.

The content in this focus: 

53. Positional Authority – Healing our wounds from those in leadership

54.  Redeemed – Confessing and Repenting for our bad leadership

55. Natural Authority – Personal Testimony

56. Spiritual Authority – Dedicate one’s whole life to the glory of God

57. The Chasm – Make a list of injustices in your community

58. Healing Leaders – Exploring compassion for ourselves and others

59. Walking in Spiritual Authority – Rework a previous application in a deeper way


Story & Sermon Outline – Chapter 55. Natural Authority

=> Welcome Back! Let’s begin Month Seven with Positional Authority.