• To learn the true source of power
  • To take care with the purposes of God
  • To operate as sons and daughters of the King


Mankind has run after spiritual power, and all kinds of power, since the beginning of the world.  This Study Focus on Spiritual Warfare brings us back to the reasons we are to have power in the first place, and the manner in which we can safely and successfully reign alongside Christ.   Ephesians 2:6 


60. We Run Toward the World
61. Refusing Paganism
62. Birthing Something New
63. A Theology of Suffering
64. Spiritual Warfare Principles
65. As Sons & Daughters


The Revival Process page 142 Chapter 60. We Run Toward the World
Middle Class versus World Class pg.180 Chapter 65. As Sons and Daughters

Authority is a sword.
The novice 58 swings wide and wild at every little thing,
The sage 59 reserves energy and swing for the true work.
The novice does not know the power of the danger of the sword,
The sage respects the sword and uses it sparingly.
The novice applies the force of the sword out of proportion with each situation,
The sage matches power for situation.
The novice sees a need and swings of own accord,
The sage waits till others see their need and ask for help, the sage then steps in.
The novice believes seeing is the same things as doing – see a need equals filling the need,
The sage sees much but does not rush to fix anything except that very thing directed by the Lord.
Restraint under wisdom equals much power.
Such is the sage with the sword.


58 Definition of Novice: a person who has just started learning or doing something. merriam-webster.com
59 Definition of Sage: someone who is wise through reflection and experience. merriam-webster.com

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