• To discern if our personal life is a life of worship to God
• To clarify the truth about biblical worship
• To worship God with our entire life and habits and integrity


As leaders in the Body of Christ our lives are to become increasingly pure in Him.  This means that our life habits in every area of life are to be cleansed of our own selfishness and ill motives.  It also means that we must come to truly understand and live out the heart of God through all our dealings.  It is not enough to come to church on Sunday and sing and dance our hearts out – we must know what is in our hearts; it is our daily lives that prove or disprove our life as one of worship to God.


31.  Anointed – determine your anointing and stop other activities
32.  Faithfulness – share your journey of faithfulness
33.  Leadership – personal SWOT analysis
34.  Wide & Narrow Road – assessing our words
35.  Relationship – prayer of salvation
36.  Faith (versus law) – daily prayer of freedom
37.  Grown Up – actively pray childhood wounds through to healing
38.  Life – confess your judgements against life
39.  Money – apologize to those you have stolen from
40.  Holiness – confess unholiness


SWOT Exercise – Chapter 33.  Leadership
The Wide & Narrow Roads – Chapter 34.  Wide & Narrow Road

=>  Begin with Anointed

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