• To bring our hearts back into relationship with God
  • To double-check what has come between us and to begin addressing these things
  • To find spiritual refreshment and the beginning of personal revival


As leaders we may expect to be perfect but this simply isn’t realistic. Sometimes too, as leaders we may not have safe spaces to share the deepest troubles of our lives. This is a problem. Leaders, like everyone, require safe community in which they can be honest and authentic. This course, and the small groups studying through it, must be safe places, free from condemnation and shame.


1.  The Great Expectation – giving over our self effort and entering into Jesus wholly
2.  Faith (Whole Hearts) – pouring out frustrations in prayer to God
3.  Honest Prayers – daily quiet before God, with journal to record the 4.  process
4.  Repentance – becoming safe people, refusing the shame
5.  Agreements – roots and fruits, healing prayer process
6.  Freedom – memorize healing prayer process
7.  Worship – confess where life is not one of worship
8.  Disciples – take action to disciple differently
9.  Rules for Living – stop boasting, meditate on Micah 6:8


Tree Diagram – Chapter 5.  Agreements
Inner Healing Prayer – Chapter 6.  Freedom

=>  Begin with The Great Expectation

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