• To find God’s love for all people
• To take responsibility for our relationships
• To become Christ for others


The entire gospel is about relationships. First off, relationship of God towards us and then us in response to God.  Then, as we come to know the Lord of the Universe loves us, we are equipped and changed from the inside out to love others. Our love for others (or lack of it) reveals our personal understanding and core relationship with God; we want to be passionately in love with God and his people.


20.  Forgiveness – bringing our sins to God, prayer process as action
21.  Compassion – follow through on good thoughts for others
22.  Servants – assess trust levels
23.  Women – make things right with the women in your life
24.  Scandalous Love – go love someone today with action
25.  A Long Life – assess your speech
26.  A Glad Heart – consider your tithing beliefs and practices
27.  Holy Spirit – covering of Christ and relevance in your life
28.  Love – worship and thank the Lord for his love
29.  Lament – know the five stages of grief and allow these
30.  Identified with Christ- answer: how has Jesus impacted you?


Healing Model for Justice – Chapter 20.  Forgiveness
’Good’ Thought & ChoiceS – Chapter 21.  Compassion
Trust Continuum page – Chapter 22.  Servant
The Covering of Jesus – Chapter 27.  Holy Spirit

=>  It is so great that you are continuing your studies.  Month 3 is about Relationships and we will begin with Forgiveness

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