• to strengthen us for the journey of life
  • to give practical actions to grow our lives
  • to claim our lives for the glory of God


We want to normalize difficulty.  Difficulty is, after all, one of the things recognized by the Lord.  As leaders we want to be okay in difficulty and find our strength from the Lord.  We find this strength as we are honest with the Lord and understand his bigger picture and how suffering plays a part in the kingdom of God and the training of his people. We will come to find that every part of our lives, even difficulty and trouble, can be harnessed for God.


10.  Difficulty – claim bad and difficult things for the glory of God
11.  Overwhelmed – meditate and apply six principles for living
12.  Trusting with Little – think through stewardship and your faithfulness
13.  Prophetic Lives – do the instruction of the Lord
14.  Our Journey – note life markers and give thanks to God
15.  In Weakness – dedicate your weakness to God
16.  Choose Christ – renounce an idolatry of good
17.  Simple Sermons – give a simple sermon, assess the process
18.  Sabbath  – make a sabbath plan, journal your experience
19.  Peace – be silent re/ satan, speak peace, be light

=>  Welcome back!  Let’s begin Month Two with a lesson on Difficulty

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