Welcome to the College of Capturing Courage International Ministries.  This is a thorough and vigorous course that will set your heart and mind and life more firmly on things of the Lord.

This is not an easy course.  You will be challenged to grow deep in the Lord in all ways.  This course is designed to take pastors and lay-leaders into authentic relationship with Christ.  College of Capturing Courage focusses on character development, trustworthy leadership practices, and foundational Kingdom of God living.

To help you get through this course:

• Have someone praying for you on a regular basis
• Do the Application Exercises as they are given to you
• Look up in your Bible all the verses that are referenced
• Keep a notebook that you use only for this course
• Be a student, be humble and be here to learn

Cyndy Lavoie, the author of this course, has been steeped in the word of God her whole life. She is trained as a life coach and in leadership development, and is an inner-healing prayer minister.  She drew from each of these disciplines as she developed this course.  Therefore, you will find Biblical principals and wisdoms alongside coaching questions and process’, alongside practical and proven leadership principles, alongside listening prayer applications and inner healing exercises.

At Capturing Courage International Ministries we are concerned with the whole health of the person.  We are committed to transparent relationship with God, authentic conversations with each other, and ongoing transformation of our hearts and minds in the Lord.  This course is a ministry to the inner person and is committed to the health of you from the inside out in all ways, heart, mind, and spirit. May God transform your life as you take this course.  Be blessed in Him and may the peace of God be upon you mightily.

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