At Capturing Courage International Ministries we are building the body of Christ, around the world, one leader at a time. College of Capturing Courage facilitates wholeheartedness for personal edification and leadership strength; the restoring of shalom from the inside out. We do this through fellowship and by teaching Kingdom of God principles and wisdoms.

We facilitate spiritual wholeness, heart healing, with personal and church renewal. We address the spiritual roots of difficulty and despair in our lives, communities, and nations. Instead of trying to fix the bad fruit we go right to the heart-of-the-matter by:

– leading in repentance and honesty before the Lord
– breaking down strongholds in the spirit realm
– teaching individuals and communities to stand in the gap for their people

“Capturing Courage is a Spirit-inspired, practical ministry. This is Biblical ministry which causes our heart’s to set right with God. We are leaders and we must have transformation. Character must be above gifting. Wherever gifting is above character it will be a mess. Theology gives knowledge but does not prepare a person to be equipped in the things of God. Theology does not change the person – we must have practical training that touches the inner man – CCIM training does this. We are not remaining the same.” Pastor Evans

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