Module one (page numbers)

healing prayer teaching 31-34
frustrations to God 15
quiet prayers 19
shame and condemnation 24-25
anger 34
violating the heart of God 40
about making disciples 44-45
boasting and pride 51-52
circumstances given to God 58
entrusted as steward 65-66
obedience 68
thankfulness with life markers 71-73
give weakness to God 76
idolatry of good 79-80
healing model for justice 100-104
compassion 108
right with God 124
motives of the heart 133-134
lament, sorrow, pain 142
able to heal 153
the words we use 166
welcoming Jesus 169
daily prayer for freedom 173-175
healing child-hood wounds 178
condemnations for life 180
healing money wrongs 185-186
confessing unholiness 189

Module Two (page numbers)

a heart of stone 14
religion put at the cross of Christ 18-19
becoming a safe person 25-26
coming into love 31
able to receive from others 36
confessing attitudes of the enemy 50
coming into agreement with God 57-58
into holiness and righteousness 65
integrity with words 74
an attitude of sulha 86
taking on hard conversations 93-94
confessing offense 100-101
thankful for life circumstances 110
dedicate our life to God 114-115
justice 120
becoming healing leaders 126
identification prayers for community 144
idolatry of power and control 153
saying ‘yes’ to the work God has for us 157
participating in suffering 167
glory for God alone 176

Module Three (page numbers)

courage to look at violence 12
confessing violence (in general) 39
example: praying away pain upon pain 42
bringing pain to God 48
inviting God into the stories we tell 60
example: calling people into the Lord 68
calling communities into the Lord 70
to help us reframe our lives 71
loosing off false conclusions 75
intention to partner with Christ 76
generational poverty 78
heart of stone 78
idolatry of good 79
sectarians spirits 79
generational violence 79
generational hatred of women 80
unholy soul-ties broken 80
generational slavery 80
witchcraft 81
peace over your home and family 81
renewed responsibility of home & family 81
adoption as sons and daughters of God 81
claiming entire life for the glory of God 82
commitment to a surrendered life 147
generational sin of partiality (as example) 154
restore us as sons and daughters of God 160
confession of despising and judgment 161-162
breaking an orphan spirit over nations 163
becoming disciples of God 168
breaking an idolatry of church 168-169
healing prayer model (with example) 173-174
trusting God for our daily bread 174
honouring prophets among us 179
confessing retributive mindset 189
idolatry of money 200
Holy Spirit, lead me 204