Today is a new day.  It is a day of expectation and a holy hush about all that will take place.

There is excitement in heaven over this day and every day. For every single day is a gift.

“Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good!”  Genesis 1:31a NLT

Life is something to be celebrated, welcomed and fully enjoyed. Like a savoury meal or a cool drink on a hot day. Like a beautiful flower in the midst of a dull landscape and like the rainbow in the sky after a storm, every single day is to be relished and enjoyed to the full.

Too often in this life we get stuck on all the bad and wrong of the world. We take on a viewpoint of judgment and condemnation.  The problem with this is that our own hearts become dirty.

“So why do you condemn another believer?  Why do you look down on another believer? Remember, we will all stand before the judgment seat of God.”  Romans 14:10 NLT

When we begin to carry a spirit of condemnation, we ourselves come under judgment, and life loses its flavour and its joy.

But this was never the way it was meant to be. Life is meant to be a joy and a delight.

We find this joy by walking closely with the Lord’s heart. Tucked into God’s heart we find companionship, we find compassion, we find camaraderie and life.

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your hearts desires.”  Psalm 37:4 NLT

When we bring him our worn-down hearts, when we stand open about our jumbled thoughts, as we are honest about our worries and our fears, the breath of God sweeps into these places within our being bringing light and life.

“Yes, what joy for those whose record the Lord has cleared of guilt, whose lives are lived in complete honesty!” Psalm 32:2 NLT
Offering our worst to God, he takes all of it and transforms it into something new and fresh. The disappointments of our lives turn into encouragement for others. The heartache of loss and sorrow become reservoirs of living water for others.

“I trust in you for salvation, O Lord!” Genesis 49:18 NLT

Everything about who we are, about our past life, about our present and as we go forward into our future, all comes together into one might act of praise before our God.

God wants to leverage your life for the Kingdom of God. God has made a way for you through Jesus, to be in the presence of  The King and to know welcome and acceptance and love.

And then, the Holy Spirit stands at the ready to help and assist you to enter into the passions laid upon your heart. As Paul in the book of Romans declares,

“I bring you the Good News so that I might present you as an acceptable offering to God, made holy by the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:16b NLT

Go after God and we find life abundant and magnificent.

Sure we will have sorrow and trouble. A lot of it, even. Yet even sorrow and trouble can be taken and offered to God as a sacrifice of praise. In this God is exalted and we find ourselves lifted from the hard places of our hearts.

We read of Jehoiachin in 2 Kings and in similar manner we are given a place at the Kings table,

“He supplied Jehoiachin with new clothes to replace his prison garb and allowed him to dine in the King’s presence for the rest of his life.”  2 Kings 25:29 NLT

“Thank-You God that you have entered into our life so that we can celebrate living alongside you. May we never reject life. May we never forget how wonderful it is to be alive. Thank-you for life. Teach us this day to see life as you see it. May we have your eyes, your heart, your spirit. We welcome you Jesus. We invite you Holy Spirit. We love you Father God. Reign in us.”


1.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your hidden condemnations of Life.

2. Pray these things through to healing using the prayer process.  52


“it is good!” God declared.  Genesis 1:31

Stop condemning in your spirit.  Romans 14:10

Delight in God.  Psalm 37:4

Trust in Him.  Genesis 49:18


52 Go to Chapter 6 and use the Inner Healing Prayer Process


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