AUTHOR – Cynthia F. Lavoie

Hello and Greetings in the Name of Jesus. My name is Cyndy Lavoie and I am the author of College of Capturing Courage. I’m also the Founding Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries. It is my pleasure to have been stewarding this work of the Lord for some dozen years now.

This course was pulled out of me by pastors in the majority world. In context of many ministry trips within a number of different cultures I began to observe (if only at a glance) some of the deep needs within each context, countries, and regions and the wisdoms of many in many places.

The Lord kept me on my knees writing what you have in this course. So many times I would have to get off my chair and onto my knees as I was overcome by the glory of the Lord and the revelations of our Holy Spirit. I don’t feel that I am so much an author but a scribe of what you read here.

This course took five and one-half years to write. And it has taken another four-plus years to get it to this stage with all its supporting parts and attending infrastructure. I am delighted to invite you to this course. May you encounter it well and fine as the Lord’s deep ministry to you.

Some of what I’ve been doing you can find over at Capturing Courage International Ministries. I am currently embarking on a fresh decade with Capturing Courage :: Canada – A House of Prayer.

I’m also at Cyndy Lavoie, with endorsements Here and more bio information Here.




Moses has been onside at Capturing Courage since early 2017. He has caught the work deep in his being. Moses loves the Lord and loves people and is glad to assist others in taking on this course, learning and engaging it for themselves, and passing it, teaching it to others.

Moses is situated in Uganda and serves College of Capturing Courage within East Africa. He can answer your questions about the course, assist in determining how you might use College of Capturing Courage, and provide direction over time from one month to the next, through all the modules.

You can email him at


Please take a few hours of careful inquiry across this website, to understand and come to realize how to take this course. After that, we are glad to answer any further questions you may have.