College of Capturing Courage is comprised of three kinds of content. 

1. The written content: Usually 3+ pages of reading in each chapter. 

2. Application Exercises: Practical assignments that make the learning come alive and actually do the work of transformation in our hearts, minds, and lives. 

3. Summary: Is a quick review of the key thoughts in each chapter with further scriptures to look up. These will help you to connect the dots between various books of the Bible in context of themes and topics. 

It is important to chew on this course within its parts. 

For instance: 

Day ONE – Read the written content for the chapter you are on. 

Day TWO – Consider and Take Action for the Application Exercise for the chapter you are on. 

Day THREE – Look up and read all of the additional Scriptures that have been presented in the chapter you are on. 

Do not set yourself up for failure by trying to take on too much of the learning all at one time. You will find that while the reading may not be much, there is a lot of thinking that comes of the course. 

Be kind to yourself, consider this a marathon and not a quick race. If you do two chapters a week you will take one year to complete the course. But, most folks need more time than this. Give yourself 1.5 years to complete all 3 Modules to the Degree level. 

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